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Allergic Reactions to Jewellery: What You Need to Know

Jewellery can often be an expression of personal style and fashion and many people may not even think about the materials that their jewellery is made from. Unfortunately, some people may not be aware that some jewellery materials can cause allergic reactions. If you find yourself or someone you know is having an allergic reaction to jewellery, it is important to be aware of what is causing the reaction and what you can do to avoid it in the future.

Symptoms of an Allergic Reaction

The most common symptoms that people have when they experience an allergic reaction to jewellery is an itchy rash or small bumps on the skin. This rash or bump reaction is usually

due to contact dermatitis which is an allergic reaction to skin contact with metals found in jewellery. Other symptoms that may be present include redness, swelling, and even blisters around the area where the jewellery was in contact with the skin. In some cases, individuals may experience more severe reactions such as difficulty breathing and anaphylaxis.

Common Allergens Found in Jewellery

The most common metals that cause allergic reactions are nickel, cobalt, and gold. Nickel is found in many low-cost pieces of jewellery and is most often blamed for allergic reactions. Cobalt is becoming more widely used and is found in white gold jewellery. Gold is usually alloyed with another metal like nickel or cobalt to make it harder and more durable for everyday use.

Preventing an Allergic Reaction

If you are experiencing an allergic reaction, you can take steps to avoid it in the future by wearing jewellery made from hypoallergenic materials such as titanium, platinum, and surgical grade stainless steel. The best way to determine if a material is hypoallergenic is to look for the words "nickel-free" or "hypoallergenic" on the jewellery tag. If you are unsure, it is best to consult with a dermatologist to determine which metals are safe for you to wear. Luckily to you, all Passero Jewellery is Allergen free!

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